Monday, August 18, 2008

As if there's no TomoRrow ..

we sat under a bountiful of stars that nite..
he knew exactly what to say.. timing .. he's always been superb at it..
if there's neone who knows when to play the right tune.. he does..
from taking the right foot forward on the dance floor ..
to mingling with the right kind of people at a social gathering..
to being the most eligible boy friend material..

I have always been the better to keep it safe freak.. n if there'd be any regret in my life.. it'll b the same.. kept it safe all along..
haaaa n not only that m his girl friend.. well that's what he says.. he calls me the lucky one.. I mind??well no not really.. until m the only one.. he's keeping lucky on this part of Earth..I mean the crust.. Geography is my fav subject ..n his too.. but not on parallel lines.

tonite was no different in a way that we were together taking a stroll on the beach..n he knows my likes .. to take care of them well.. we had walked for an hour when he held me hand.. the way he does it.. it still gives me goosebumps. . after say about 5 months of our togetherness.. he still knows what it means to me when he diminishes the 2mm distance between us. or maybe he's too experienced to handle all kinna girls.. m just the ultimate test.. of his patience..

he has already warned that today is going to be different.. n though the thought had escaped my mind that moment itself. but now when he swam his fingers across mine in a rather never felt.. never done before manner.. I felt a chill.. I was preparing myself for nething that comes next.. sumthing I was expecting months back... n how I have been rehearsing the whole melodrama set btw us if he tries to...even the tears.. how they'll flow.. how he can never hurt me stare in my eyes n how.. he'll have this slight sense of guilt in his beautiful eyes.. (they are enchanting..they got to be.. that's where I fell..)
that's me actually I have the dialogues always ready.. like I foresee what's gonna happen. n the play is directed , well executed.. n applauded.. by me.. till date ..have been very very poor at foresighting.. haaa.. wonder what m I good at ?
newaz I wasnt getting anything in my mind this time.. n bingo.. I know he can hurt me now.. hurt me a lot.. timing right.. he's been perfect at.. if he's stepping ne further tahn his limits today.. all he'll see is a cry baby.. who'll b dying to run away... what has he done to me..
he started going down on that sand shining in the moonlight.. n he pulled me towards him.. m not .. m not .. what the hell... distance sweetheart.. he sat there n he gestured me to sit besides him.. well.. okk.. chill chill.. m always ready to run.. but the perfect play had already washed of my mind..
he let my hand go.. aahaaa.. what next.. he looked straight into those waves rushing towards us..n then retreating.. like sumone's pulling them away.. this is not happening.. m just not prepared for this.. he's .. how could he.. I just.. m .. I never thought he'd.. with glittering eyes.. like a ocean full of waves .. from sideways.. where I was looking from.. (my side.. he's always had this complaint of not being able to see things from my side..)
he continued.. " I never thought I'd say this to anyone.. I dont think like you.. I cant.. I just know.. I love you.. " m I drunk or wat.. " n its fine with me.. if you dont 'think' so.. " , he added. n the 'think' has never pinched me like that before.. I always thought he was just passing time...
n all this time when he was trying hard to hold it back.. a tear rolled down his eyes..
I held his hand that nite.. when we sat under the starlitsky that nite..

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