Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Its a Love story!!

So I am this guy, next door or next to next.
I am a big fan of pink Lloyd whether or not I know what is it they play.
N am not unaware of the recent Olympic sway by AB and how this has helped put under dark shadows the remaining undercover mice brigade. But u never know, guess, as my friend has started putting it grass is not always greener on the other side, maybe it is not.
M off work these days. Its unusual for those who have got to see me sitting idle for hours like say 24 hrs a day. But then I always put it this way, there’s much more to life then just a cheque that pays, n pays well. M, no ascetic in search of my ultimate goal in life.
M just a usual normal being in search of my life these days.
N ya before I go any further m back form the hospital today.
It was a long day, yesterday. Haven’t really slept, to think of it.
My sister was there. We are the fighting duo. We never talk. The peace talk thing never happened between us. N no regrets. We don’t think alike n we don’t match at all..
I was the happiest being when she got married last to last year. Its kina strange but she’s the only one without any doubts in her eyes as to what m I doing these days.
But ya, that nowhere makes us friends.
Late last night we had to take her to the hospital. I was sound in sleep. N dreaming bout my dream girl when the hussle bussle started.
Oh no. not at this hour . Its 12 midnight. But then come on it was serious. Dad was almost swimming in sweat. For once he wasn’t bothered by me being home. N I was happy. How he called on my name.
Everything gonna be fine dad ,I told him. Mom was worried too.. but how she manages to keep her cool at such panic times is sumthing I’ll wonder forever.
Class tenth I still remember how embarrassed I was learning the fact that it was my sister on whose dance performance my classmates were whistling at my back.
She won the 1st prize n she came to me. N like any other male I brushed her away. She almost came down to tears in front of her friends. Hmmm.. m not sorry. Or even if I was then I never said so. It was her last year in school. N I think at times I missed her not being around. No not missed actually ya how can I wen I was never me. I was always her brother all thru my school life. What else would she want.
Then the studies a few years later the volcano kina erupted. She asked Dad to meet a guy.
Tadaa… that was it, or it was that. My sis, my lovely sis. I cannot tell how happy I was this years long image came down to shatters. bingo!! Dad never said yes.
He never wanted to meet the guy. For he was sure she cannot ever make a right choice. N her decisions well, they’re not the ones to go for. I don’t exactly remember if she has ever taken ne decision though.
But it so happened, n for the first time had I ever seen her standing so strong. Wondering what has got on to her. She wasn’t herself for sure. Not just a guy. I know her she’s like no other girl. Anyways, it all worked fine. N her guy’s, sumhow, my best mate, my secrets keeper these days. Though m shocked by myself why him. I couldn’t find one ever by myself. I’d always thank her for him. I must confess how much I might have hated her she’s been my shining armor, Solutions to my problems, the curtain to hide behind. N a sure shot emotional fool to get ur work done.
Haa.. n now seeing the nurse hurrying, there’s this second confession to b made. I got scared too… they asked if someone would like to come n meet her. Mom went in n came back to call me. Me???? No way. M sure she’s having some trick up her sleeve even now.
I hate her. Doctors last call Mom pushed me a little. Ok ok.. m going, going… where to meet her. She sure is one devil. Where the hell is her guy now.. okkk.. I know he’s on his way tooo..
There she is, she wants me to come near. Now what else. Why the heck was I home today? She held my hand. She looked straight into my eyes. N its been years now. It is the same stare. Asking for nothing , not a query, nota answer, no expectations. Just a look. She just looks.n it still gives me shivers after all these years. Doc signals for me to leave. N I thank my stars. What perfect timing? I hurriedly turn back to leave. When she holds my hand tight n she whispers r not even that her lips move to say, is this wat she said “I am scared”… well well.. she’s scared.. n all this time she’s made me feel bad bout how I was the one scared to step up the stage. N how she was always there right there standing behind, to make me feel strong. N how she alwaz used to slip down the stares to amuse me n make me feel the smarter of the two. My friends still tell me she’s a smart gal. but but.. she’s really scared.
I stop there n I look at her, the doc takes her in., her hand slips outta mine. I felt a scare. Down this spine. As if… stop I almost shouted. But they have taken her.
I stood there without a movement of a bone.
“ she’s strong girl… It’s a girl…” my Mom was all smiles… wait wait .. what m I missing.. why m I lost always..why dint I hear what was meant to be heard. Damn.. the doc came towards me.. what now. What the hell did she do. He shook my hands n said “It’s a girl..” well.. gotcha.. I went inside . she was in tears. She looked at me..( how she always searches me outta the crowd I know) I almost ran over to her. She landed a beauty in my arms.. oops.. she’s soo small..soo cute… n I believe in love at first sight.. it was love at first sight.. I looked at my sis, she had no fear giving her girl into these irresponsible arms of mine.. no fear at all.. I am this good for nothing guy.. n I look at this girl in my arms.. she’s so calm.. just like her Mom.. just like my Sis.. I looked at her..n I can tell you I was scared.. when they took her away. I was bout to blurt out sumthing. N bang.. here he is .. her guy… I was talking bout. This guy has got some timing. Only coz of him. I was there.. n not to tell anyone. M thankful .
It is the first and the last time m gonna say this..
I love her.

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Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

U shud start writing a novel... better than working for someone...and yeah, it'll give u a fat paycheck in the end too!!!