Wednesday, August 13, 2008

... just as they say !!

I am getting ready. Ya the usual make-up n all.. The girl thing.
It’s been a long courtship, if that’s wat they say.. N today.. yess today I am gonna say it..
To think of it.. I don’t have to say nething. He already knows..
He’s the guy I met long back.. We moved on from being strangers.. To acquaintances.. To friends.. Good friends.. The best of friends..
We have been together.. n he was the one to say it first n then again .. n again.. n many times since then..
I was always the one asking to wait.. Wait n watch kinds.. I am habitually a little cowardice. I just wanted to make sure if things were just the way they appear or not.
We fight, we laugh.. We have the memories of school children, college friends, flirting grown ups.. Anything to everything.
N today I say he’s my guy.. He is…
He called up an hour back.. which is not his usual thing.. coz he just bumps in a minute b4 n we are on talks for long whenever we get time.. this time though I was a little occupied .. n though we were keeping each other updated .. we are gonna meet after 2 months.. long time…
I still remember the night when he called me up n continued by his usual philosophical stance.. n how I knew its another break up. All nite long.. he went on with how he can never say yes.. till the time its knowing each other.. going out.. he’s ok.. but then he just wants to retreat back.. way back..
N how the girls eyes just lingers on.. for long..
N how he cannot sleep coz of the questions in those eyes…
He’s real sweetheart I know him.. very very well…

He’s always wanted to hear sumthing from me.. n I always do say sumthing.. in fact I say a lot.. but its that sumthing else , sumthing more he waits for.. Before keeping the phone down.. Every time how he just waits.. Gives me sum time.. To say something… I know.
Though I really never knew what is it he wanted to hear?
We are good friends… rite..

Have I ever told him.. how I always thought his perfume was irresistible.. I am a strong girl.. but I was wondering bout the other weaker ones.. how do they manage.. J
I never told him how even though I cannot smell his perfume today.. I can feel how it felt.. n I never told him.. how his hold.. I just long for it..
Nobody ever held me that way.. When have always wished for someone to. He just held me.. not that I wasn’t as usual trying to let go. Free myself.. Stay far.. but he kept holding me. it was so firm.. I have come across a lot of guys.. a lot of friends I have they were all given a chance.. Unconsciously or … but they could just never come up.. with the courage.. He did.. M still amazed.. How??
Think m going to tell him all of this today.. all what he ever wanted to hear n more.. Its today..

Here he is… “I.. I.. Sir…”

He was a sikh guy.. n it was the summer of ’84..
I was born six months later.. famous for my timing since then.

I look like my Dad... they say