Sunday, January 25, 2009

...bad guy!!

it was always fun to see someone fall
or make others cry,
i enjoyed life , when others were cursing it,
somehow nobody ever liked me.
they say, if not on my face
m the bad guy
coz I dont make others laugh
I give them pain
when its happiness they want

I realize, i cud not see them not to
why do they need me to cheer them up
when i remain happy all by myself.

a river flowed by my town
i sat there for hours with no friends around
wat lies deep within
is what i always doubt
is there a guy like me, a bad guy
in the place underneath
maybe I'll one day find.

I heard a scream n I woke by
there was water inside my home
My mom was screaming
n my little sis drowning in,
My mother looked up to me
to hold her hand, to save my sis
I dint move
I got up and I ran outside
just to see a town deep into this river of mine,
it was just chaos abound
Peaople stared , said
I am still the same old guy
nothing can change me
not even a flood hit cry,
I smiled to tell them nce again
but I wonder how they cannot see it by then
its them, nobody else can ever make them cry

I knew I found the other bad guy..

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