Sunday, March 22, 2009

happy be her days!

International Women's day...
for years , since I know this day existed..
I have been religiously wishing my mother...
but sumthing happened this time..
two messages on my cell..
told me I too have grown up..
they wished me a happy international women's day...
well surprised rather shocked...,to see them.
am a woman too..
were not the Mothers and aunts, meant to be woman,
well, old I am now. I thought.. Laughed it of...jokes apart..
yesterday only I saw a lady , perform on a dance show,
while her hubby taking care of child’s examination.
A woman is a special creation, they say
Special she is, n u see a full page dedicated to her,
In the Sunday morn newspaper,
When she’s been in exile for 9 years,
Years spent in horror, n darkness of her soul,
A cage her, own people, her own Dad, created for her,
N her Mom said keep quiet,
This is your fate woman,,
A man fathering six of his daughter’s children,
N happy may u live till years to come, woman..
Naked was a woman, made to run in her village,
Coz they say, she’s the one who dared to fall in love..
Well, how many times have you tore her clothes apart..
Naked has she been.. all this while, On her way
Hear a girl cry on her birth, don’t make her smile,
Coz happy are gonna be her days..
She’s yet to see a happy woman’s day..
I leave my office in the eve,
N I hear a comment, a guy on cycle follows me,
I speed up, n there’s sumthing I wanna say, y I don’t react..
my pleasure I chose to be a woman..
Is that what it says..
You define a woman, by a creature who cooks ur meal,
Does the laundry, washes ur meal plates,
Bears your child, n then every night on that bed..
In the dark of your room, is ur dream girl..
Frustrated you feel n take it out on her..
She’s a gift you’ve got, use it n throw her…
Proud may I be.. to be one,
But the day I understood what this meant,
Its just another woman I am..
Celebrate this day, or one more..
It’s a curse she has got on…
Happy Woman’s day..
to you little born..
Now tat you have come along..
I cannot ask you to go.. run away..
This place is heaven they say..


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

oyeee feminism at its heights!!!!!!!

theek hai...some sections of society treat women the way u say, but m sure u wont experience all that shit..

atleast being a 'woman' at IITR mustve told u umpteen number of times how cherished u are...n how advantaged too!! :P

Gemini said...

m not too sure !!