Wednesday, March 11, 2009

interview room and beyond...

one more interview n I'll be dead..
am really scared of these interviews.
wat all m scared of.. maybe everything
but when it comes to facing those fears I still manage out,about ok..
but an interview...

I reached the venue a good one hour early..
too early I thought..
I was the cooolest among them all..
wiping off there sweat.. shining on their foreheads..
come on .. what exactly are these geeks worried bout.. they know it all..
I wondered.
Anyways a low in confidence me.
figuring out wat to do next.
saw this guy..smartly dressed..
Dad expected me to ask where to go...
n I sumhow got the courage to utter .. where??

ohh up on the 2nd floor he said..
coool...move 2..
n round bout 100 or more candidates..
no chance I thought..
but still I dont understand...
how come they are all more smarter than me.. always...
newaz.. I decided this is gonna b my last third degree I put myself into..
group discussion first..well..
I have aready gone mum..
they are discussing it all..
ohh this guy next to me.. thinks he's the coolest one on Earth...
well what a wierd point of view..
lemme just tell him.. its the other way...
okk now..
m I really thirsty.. wen was the last time I saw water..
ohh this lady right across.. she's talking non sense..
just a few minutes back these ppl decided, how they're gonna give each other a chance..
n they are fighting, with whom?
is this the survival that we are looking for..
n what crap did this girl cum up with..
a smile broke on my face.. not really expected
but who the hell noticed!
the discussion, I hardly said nething...
there was a lot I had thought of...
n never did I speak..I was shivering..yess I was
m scared I realized like always..
n when the interviewers gave me my two minutes to say it all..
I still could not.. this was my chance.. maybe my last..
they did even ask all of us to put it on paper.. n I did..
if only had I said it then n there..
the discussion had just started for me..
for long... till my turn for the interview ..
how many times did I shut them all up.
when they called my name..
n I opened my eyes to this world..
I entered that room..
n I lost it.. I just wanted to run away.. far from there..
I knew even when m not answering..
there were questions being answered by me...
hardly 5 minutes and they concluded.. am not satisfied..
n I came out..
I knew I have lost the only chance I had..
never again would they know who was sitting in front of them..
a dissatisfied soul maybe..
conflicting at first I dint like it..
n I left.. with someone's dreams turned nightmare..
and how I knew I could answer ..
but the scare.. why?
is everyone like me..
what am I afraid of...
I was not me inside that room..I know..
it was an interview...
n how I know I hav failed many of these..
many of the real world one's tooo...
coz am afraid they'll laugh..
but when was I scared of being laughed at...
or maybe I hav always been.. that's how I lost it alll...
my last tired of losing..
n the self that I see in that room scares me more than anything else...
at least now when I wont utter that word out
i'll know I was scared...n I wont pretend...


Gemini said...


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

interviews huh!!! :)
whats the big deal neways.... u wont win until u lose ;)
n when u do win... u'll never need to give ne other interview