Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Ok.. ;)

there's more!

there's more drama in real life

than what is portrayed in these eyes..

the very first time you shouted " you ass$**$"

and I slapped you hard..

you said "what the f**$"

this is how I knew my 12 yr old has grown up..

not long ago..when you cried " Mom!! this guy over here!!"

n I ran to catch hold of you.. my little boy!!

what more could I do then kiss you softly on your forehead!

tell you, "its ok..if you dont hit back when they do so to you"

amazed you looked at me.. I smiled back..

you thought maybe its true..

next morning when I came to your room..

I sat near you for five minutes, before I woke you up..

You asked me " is it really ok!!"

ohh I know you were so innocent then!!

I could not help but laugh..take you in my lap...n wish there's never a day .

I need to tell's not that ok!!

there's more mystery..

there's more mystery that unfolds, this life..

than the folds you see on this wrinkled face,

seventeen you joined the college...

"Am out on date tonight Mom"...

no better way to tell me

my teenager has just started seing the world outside..

go on..I said..

you looked back with a twinkle in your eye..

did I see my young one blush...

it was just yesterday you said.. you are my only girlfriend..

n I know I blushed..

the big car that you drive these days...

is too big I guess..that's why u missed me on the tracks..

the old lady you almost shouted at..

was not me..was I happy...

later you shouted back... Am Sorry!

n I know I smiled!

"she's like you...she's my girl"...

and overjoyed I saw my grown up...

there's more life

Than this one we try to live!

hidden in those smiles..those very firsts..n the last ones you missed!

I leave now.. n It's ok still...

I tell you.. you can take care of yourself...

yOu are the one who took care of me!

you get on with your life..

and one day when you sit besides your bundle of joy..

just once give a peck on her cheek ..

n tell her "It's OK!"


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