Sunday, April 12, 2009

what more.. ;)

outside the church I stood with doubts abound,
was this I was supposed to be doing..
walking down the aisle..
am I ready for this moment,
am not smiling..
I can still run away before the gates open..
but then how many times
n where am I gonna go..

When I was choosing this gown
with you my best friend,
how I was telling you..
how I'd met my life partner..
n How much i love him..
I told you bout the first night we'd spent together,
it was raining.. n outside the trees knew..
we were meant to be together in time..
I tell you everything and you tell me all..
a pact we've been following since..
we realized we've become friends..

I told you am seeing sumone,
n you were worried,
but the faith you have in me, never gave in,
u let it pass..
the day he went down on his knees,
you were more excited than I was,
you knew I had my doubts, as usual..
you held my hand..n told me..
comeon..have fun..enjoy your moment

then one day..I gave you a call..
n broke down.. into tears...
and you rushed to my place.. just see me faint..
n fall in the pool of my love...
that lie there flowing in red form my veins..
every drop that felt for him..
I wanted it out of me.. n away..
I saw you coming..
my eyes refused to open in this world again..

yesterday when you went down on your knees,
you shocked me..
not a pleasant surprise I'd say..
an year passed, but you know
I still walk away from celebrations,
from happiness i grow sour..
why then you want to take this good for nothing soul..
dead in its own skin, praying to fade away..
I dint knew what to say..I just turned away
coz you were the one who said what I was meant to...
n you said "I know you dont love me.. kiddo!!"
in your eyes I looked ..
just to find.. my best friend..
asking a favour for his best friend..
I held your hand.. dont ask me why
coz you know the answers I can never reply...

I have been running away for some time now..
but running away only to get to you..
and I am coming to you again,
this time though..every step I take,
I dont know if am right.. you my dear friend
have been with me all this while..
why Do I do this to you today..
am indebted, the life i have is nurtured by you...
n I dont even love told me

your smile, just asks me to run over to you,
a place am safe always..
the priest asks me if I Do?
how can i tell him, am not sure..
I dont know what to do..
You just look into my eyes.. n I say "I do"..
as if the words were held by you...u knew..
"you may kiss the bride now!!".. the priest calls
a small peck on my cheek..
n you whisper .. thank you my friend...
for giving me my lifelong friend,
thank you for doing a favour to my best friend..
I hugged you tight and cried..cried a lot..
I cannot even thank you ..
how may I tell you why?


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

this one's too good... ur'e such a champion of poetry...

n whats best is that u've felt every word u wrote... its like every word is coming alive... "what more" can a reader ask for ;)

Gemini said...