Sunday, May 31, 2009

the day..

he walked down the road,
in a usual hurry he scrolled,
the newspaper left his hands
in the back seat of his new merc it land,
sumthing was flowing in the wind today,
it was the same old day, the sun was ok..
what was it that changed,
his hands on gear , one up n it roared,
meeting up in half an hour more
the tune on the radio was not unheard,it struck,
why was he not, looking at the road,
his mind slipping sight,
the board room is where he rushed.
not even a single word, did he listen
where was it all coming from ,
a voice in the trail,
a tune, not much frail,
out that room he went,
to his lone place his own corner,
flipping over his diary, he dint realize,
when he closed his eyes,
the day she left him,
for her trip to the heavenly abode,
just came back, and still he found his hands
his eyes rolled , back n forth on that nightmare
he remembers that day when she took that last breath..
clear , with each passing second,
with each breath lost,
with every minute of an unsaid prayer,
with a beat he could not count,
with his hands entangled in her fingers,
her hand slipping out of time
his eyes with dreams and life, hers just losing on
his hold getting stronger , all she held was a sight
his lips looking for words to fill,
her words filling that hospital room,
his wishes he could hear,
her last one, he wasnt willing to give a ear..

hands over his face, moist eyes he opened
sweat engulfed his brows,
he felt her again , in the middle of the day,
why , what was missing
he remembers her last rites, her last word,
that final day,
n he flipped the pages of the calendar
he ran out of the room ,
to the burial place,
n there he cried ,
how he forgot the only day
she wanted him to remember her on,
thankful that they could meet each other
that they could be together,
that they could live those moments,
that she ever lived,
n all this while mourning the day she left,
lost sumwhere, the day she came..

n he wished her on her birthday.


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

there u go... another of ur awesome pieces of poetry... ;)

and yeah...birthday...reminds me of something :)

Anonymous said...

abe post jaldiiii..