Friday, May 22, 2009


The lack of them makes my sentences incomplete. And I thought they were meaningless in themselves, defined by a sentence. I realized otherwise, they were the one shaping my speech all along. Today without them I had nothing coming out of this very big mouth of mine.
Was it there not one thing to say, or no words to describe, or not even that. A moment of silence or two was what I needed, just to listen to something. An unheard voice, a never before seen dream, yet unrealized.There were thousands of these words always lying unused with me, n again they lie there not touched coz amidst them all am hiding the ones am afraid to spill out, or even see.If only I could just show you. But then everything else would lose its meaning, its place.You n me together in space, we meet one day just to see a few words missing in between. You wont recognize this face but the voice u'll know. Caught unawares have I been many a times, just trying to hide these away, so that you dont locate.
The bridge you see n I do not, one reason I can tell, I have turned my back. I would like to have one taking me away instead coz am far I know, but am not moving and if caught I'll be unable to run , afar. And so I keep them deep in a well, dry , and away from every eye. The words they scare me. What if the crossover they find and find you then, just to say, what am yet to see.
Am not making sentences anymore , I keep mum these days, or I dance away. You cannot hear and I dont say. There are no words that can ever go, reach you and stay.
This is how I feel am safe. Not anymore though, as the wave is high and the rain's unending, the dry well is filling up each day. Its now just a bridge am afraid you might cross one day and the well you see, floating in there would be my words, have somehow managed to keep away.
So, I walk another way, leaving no trail, not a voice even frail, making sure that I keep you safe.
Stay away, am without words anyways !