Monday, October 12, 2009

Tonight, I'd Dream..

That was the first time he touched me. I dint know how it felt then until one day when he came near n whispered into my ears, "It wont work this way". "Maybe m not the right guy for you". I woke up from my dream that day. n It felt great the first time he touched me, I can tell you today. Seven months have passed I haven't even heard his voice but today once again I woke up. With the same mirror where have been looking at myself wondering, what is it that made him leave. A dark circle that appeared a month after he left, or a black mole on the right side of my lower lip, that he loved. The eyes that still reflect his face, or the neck he used to brush with the back of his hand.8 and I leave for work, there on my desk something seems missing, Have never felt this way before.After an hour long meeting when i came back to my desk, having completely forgotten the missing thing, I felt my phone wibrating, Unknown no. must be Airtel service call. "It's me.. Can we meet, rite now" A few seconds lost, my forehead all wet, in a 16 degrees temperature, so, Is he back. I wrapped up my desk, with no thoughts, and my ID hanging round my neck, I combed my hair, and the face I cleaned , Why am I not wearing a better dress today. What if he changed his mind again. I can not let it all ruin. But no choice, will I be able to recognize him, his hair, might be different, and i know he'll be wearing one of his 100 t-shirts , with his fav blue denim , we spent hours selecting, and then how on seeing the price tag, I asked him to put it away and go for a cheaper one, I still remember the look he gave me, I still remember, the eyes, deep brown with a tinge of gold, very different, and rare. The mark on his chin, which he's been sporting since third standard, fighting for a girl with his friends, his chain with his initials embossed. We'll be ordering his fav Iced eskimo, even though hav been asked to stay away from ice, i dont care.
Is he the one , The shoulders are the same size, its his fav colour too, That's how he bends forward on the table, Its gotta be him. "Hi, I am glad you are here, I thought you wont, but u are still as punctual, And the pink how can I forget, that's the only colour you have ever wanted to be seen in." Moist eyes I was controlling, he has to be the one for me, noone else, he's the only one who knows me so well. " You know Its been sometime, but I realized I cannot forget you, the way you have been there always, whenever I needed a support, firm in you , I could find, And the innocence with which you hav always won this heart. Its tough to forget , you have jsut become a part." Whoever said your love comes back to you was... " I thought over it, and then I decided to meet you, to ask you once to let me be free. Stop worrying bout me. I have found my girl, and she's perfect for me. She's the only one who's ever understood me.." Holding these tears right where they were, I posed the best smile of my entire life, this is the day I kept it safe for. I told him how happy I was, and I left. No touch has ever been felt, Nights spent praying for those hands, in those arms when I slept, His finger on my back, and his scent is so hard to melt, I have been washing this frame now for hours awake. Warm breath in this ear, I can not shut them off, it comes back again n again, his long fingers entangled into mine all through the night, just a wet pillow left, with a wooden heart.
On that desk I missed me forever after then.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vanity Unclaimed!

What with long tresses all flowing like the river into the sea, I'd stroll the deserted night lanes of the city. Bring on my favourite white gown with strings in blue and a flowery scarf. Not one living being on this Earth compares to the radiance in me, I am the dream that in the night they breathe. The wind changes direction to make way for me, and that's when the heads turn to see, unbelieving its me. The knights battle, the kings fight , with Kingdoms at stake, its only me. Sun rises every day a little early to catch a sight, the moon is the loyal one hangs around when am on my own on this lonely road. In this heart though I dream like the one who sleeps dreaming to be me. Of a heart that looks beyond, and I wonder if on this path I'd find one looking out. A window open or a door welcomming. They all walk away, rather run n stay away coz am the beauty they'd be in awe of, but not be with.
Cassiopeia was the wife of Cepheus, the Ethiopian king of Joppa (now known as Jaffa, in Israel), and the mother of Andromeda. The queen was both beautiful and vain, and the story of how her vanity caused great distress is told in relation to the constellation Andromeda.
After promising her daughter in marriage to Perseus, Cassiopeia had second thoughts. She convinced one of Poseidon's sons, Agenor, to disrupt the ceremony by claiming Andromeda for himself. Agenor arrived with an entire army, and a fierce struggle ensued.
In the battle Cassiopeia is said to have cried "Perseus must die". At any rate it was Perseus who was victorious, with the help of the Gorgon's head.
Perseus had recently slain Medusa, the Gorgon, and had put its head in a bed of coral. He retrieved the head and waved it in midst of the warring wedding party, instantly turning them all to stone. In the group was both Cepheus and Cassiopeia.
A contrite Poseidon put both father and mother in the heavens. But because of Cassiopeia's vanity, he placed her in a chair which revolves around the Pole Star, so half the time she's obliged to sit upside down.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tonight, I'd dream..

Happy Birthday...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tonight, I'd Dream...

Strong hands softly put on these eyes, shutting them off from this world, Goosebumps, yes I can still get them, in the cold weather, before an interview, n with the warmth of his touch. He took me out in the snow, where for the first time in 2 years he came close, N his breath I could breathe. A blow on the cheek, a slight whisper in the ear. Meant to be his n only his, or were not those eyes, I had seen in the dark of the night, the only one had ever fallen into. When seeing my shadow disappear, I hurried to get to my end, alone I paced, when caught midway, from falling along the path halfway, by his caring sight. No words spoken, was I accompanied to the doorstep and from there his eyes have never left.Or the one whose laughter had broken my silence in a new place, with unfamiliar grace, strolling down the hallway, I saw him coming, with a glitter on his face, that asked me to smile, n laugh along this road to the unseen, unknown.He was the one I had controlled tears laughing with, felt a shimmer when by a stroke of chance the back of his hand was where a tear dropped and a string it brought alongwith. Or to whom, In the middle of a night with sudden burst of a deep hidden sorrow I woke up, shaken to call someone, but the one, whom I thought is the only one I could hold on. A voice, that scared the fear I got struck with, in the most serene manner, did he play his mind games with me. Calmed me down to sleep, and dare dream again, one more time did he plead, sitting on the bedside whole night. Or with whom The colorful balloons I had flew with, embarassed when all left me, and from a far corner he located me, when all the acquantainces sought to flee, he and me with seven different colors each, ran to the horizon to find our own tree.
And If I could to blend it all together, Tonight.. I'd dream of Jeannie!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Awakening of the day!

"All men believe Women are dumb.. All women wish Men were not."

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tonight, I'd Dream...

The moon's a quarter now, and the stars have got their twinkle still, smiling n winking at each other. The night is still, and the river flowing full swing. This is perhaps not gonna be the night when my prince would cross that bridge or the firemouth will cool down any bit. I'll let the breeze blow on this face and fall asleep. I turned back to see a bright smile on a handsome face, am not dreaming am I. How did you manage to slip by , my dragon's waiting with its mouth dry, words came out, surprised. He said "I was bound to come tonight," Ohh my eyes are alraedy wet, is he the one I was waiting for all this while, Of course somone who'll do it for me.I asked him, but how are we gonna leave this castle, its tough to fight the old dragon, hungry ever since , I opened my eyes here. He said we are not going anywhere, why fight the poor dragon, all alone protecting you from a world so wild. What is that supposed to be? Are you not here to take me along with you. Look my dear he said, I was listening more seriously now. Its not a nice place outside, and here we can be together, you forever mine, he explained. I have been waiting for 24 years for you or someone to come and take me out of this place. What are we going to do here away from all, dont you have someone waiting for you out there, a family, friends somebody. My dear lady, he started blurting, there is someone , someone very special , we are in love, and she's very pretty.A princess , and am just a poor guy. Whats happening, Why I asked him, did he then come to rescue me. I am not here to rescue you, I've heard there's a treasure hidden here, he added. He continued, I decided I'll do it for her, and get the treasure, I have heard the stories bout a beautiful princess waiting in here, n I thought maybe you can help me figure out the treasure. With wet eyes I turned back to the window sill, is this the nightmare for which have been going to sleep every night. He put his hand on my right shoulder and turned me towards him. There on his knees, I could see love n desire n passion and a fear to lose wat you care for the most. I led him to the treasure and the dragon I soothed with a brush on its back. Together we are menat to be , me and my dragon.
A prince charming I am not awaiting any long for, who knows maybe the princesses out there are worth dying for, n m just an average girl behind the castle bars.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tonite I'd Dream..

I'll be going to meet a long lost friend, with complaints that am too stubborn, not bothered, became indifferent, during the last few months of my college. I know, like always he'll comment on me being the busy one, and the one who decides always, he just gets to follow. But the point is he doesnt want to decide now.So, am gonna take him for a coffee at Nesci one of our fav places, or the only place in the campus. He starts usual way talking bout nothing, ohhkk. He'll ask me, so what happened, whats special today. I'll get irritated but I'll let it pass. Have to talk to him bout things in his life. Have always done that. For hours without getting tired. And ya before we go to Nesci, since its sunday and after long have gotten one when am free, so we'll be going to the church, with my bag at my back, empty with just my wallet and the glass case, making an unusual now obvious sound. I'l again sing my fav prayer. Not that i pray now.. newaz after that we'll be on our way back he'll be cracking his usual buffalo jokes on me. We do get a place under one of those red n black umbrellas n with my feet up I'll be the one sitting like a carefree guy, he'll be the sober one. It'll take me about an hour of my nonsense talk to get him to talk bout whats been bothering him. Though he'll hide a lot, but watever he'll come up with , I'll be content coz He'll be that much better or more still.. We'll talk the night away, sitting under the moonlitsky, Me watching the stars, He watching the grass, wondering what is he doing sitting on the ground at this odd hour. I'll turn then to him n tell him he's been a great dance partner, the best, n the only one have ever had. I put my hand right to him, and ask him for another dance. He'll have his sweet childlike surprise look in his eyes, still wondering, he'll oblige this earthy being with his ohh so precious hand. The muzic that'll be playing in the background would be, "jaane tu ya jaane naa..." I'll be smiling trying to show I dint realize how have got two left feet, n for his ears maybe we'll have one of his fav numbers.
He's too shy at times, I'll just walk with him to the gate, where with the first ray of the morning new, we'll bid each other adieu!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tonight, I'd dream...

Am gonna go meet the guy i dont really know much about. except that he comes from a forbidden land, n he can hold me tight in his arms, very tight. I wanna be held once, no not exactly, I'll be getting there red roses on my way, when his train reaches the station, I'll ask him to wait, since we dont talk much, I'll be calling him a few times till he finally answers it. And in his usual, casual manner, which actually ruins, kills rather, all the passion I have in my voice. I'll be rushing to get there in time, but the train's gonna be before time, and there with all his luggage, he'll land in my city, planning for his future, n his career. I run down the stairs at Platform no. 12, I 'll see him, he might not , N at an almost vacated platform i'll reach to him, n bent down on my knees and ask him to marry me! I'll tell him, that i know its not possible, we come from different backgrounds, we are different, I like not even a single thing bout him and I've got nothing I can expect him to like. So I'd rather marry the one am supposed to.. or watever they say, n then after am left.. when there's none who'd be bothered who am I with, I'll ask him to marry me then. with a shock look in his eyes, and a smile on his face, when he'd be out of words, I'll get up and hug him, tell him, I love my Dad, I love my Mom, I love my Sis, I love him. I have never said it, coz I am damn too rational to do that, Am too sensible, too ME. I love him with all my heart, I have loved every person have ever let talk to me with all that I have.He's no different except that he's himself.
I'd rather do it with white lilies, afterall am the one dreaming, I'll tell him I like white lilies, but its been ages have seen any.. But I know I love them I just know.