Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tonight, I'd Dream...

Strong hands softly put on these eyes, shutting them off from this world, Goosebumps, yes I can still get them, in the cold weather, before an interview, n with the warmth of his touch. He took me out in the snow, where for the first time in 2 years he came close, N his breath I could breathe. A blow on the cheek, a slight whisper in the ear. Meant to be his n only his, or were not those eyes, I had seen in the dark of the night, the only one had ever fallen into. When seeing my shadow disappear, I hurried to get to my end, alone I paced, when caught midway, from falling along the path halfway, by his caring sight. No words spoken, was I accompanied to the doorstep and from there his eyes have never left.Or the one whose laughter had broken my silence in a new place, with unfamiliar grace, strolling down the hallway, I saw him coming, with a glitter on his face, that asked me to smile, n laugh along this road to the unseen, unknown.He was the one I had controlled tears laughing with, felt a shimmer when by a stroke of chance the back of his hand was where a tear dropped and a string it brought alongwith. Or to whom, In the middle of a night with sudden burst of a deep hidden sorrow I woke up, shaken to call someone, but the one, whom I thought is the only one I could hold on. A voice, that scared the fear I got struck with, in the most serene manner, did he play his mind games with me. Calmed me down to sleep, and dare dream again, one more time did he plead, sitting on the bedside whole night. Or with whom The colorful balloons I had flew with, embarassed when all left me, and from a far corner he located me, when all the acquantainces sought to flee, he and me with seven different colors each, ran to the horizon to find our own tree.
And If I could to blend it all together, Tonight.. I'd dream of Jeannie!

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