Monday, October 12, 2009

Tonight, I'd Dream..

That was the first time he touched me. I dint know how it felt then until one day when he came near n whispered into my ears, "It wont work this way". "Maybe m not the right guy for you". I woke up from my dream that day. n It felt great the first time he touched me, I can tell you today. Seven months have passed I haven't even heard his voice but today once again I woke up. With the same mirror where have been looking at myself wondering, what is it that made him leave. A dark circle that appeared a month after he left, or a black mole on the right side of my lower lip, that he loved. The eyes that still reflect his face, or the neck he used to brush with the back of his hand.8 and I leave for work, there on my desk something seems missing, Have never felt this way before.After an hour long meeting when i came back to my desk, having completely forgotten the missing thing, I felt my phone wibrating, Unknown no. must be Airtel service call. "It's me.. Can we meet, rite now" A few seconds lost, my forehead all wet, in a 16 degrees temperature, so, Is he back. I wrapped up my desk, with no thoughts, and my ID hanging round my neck, I combed my hair, and the face I cleaned , Why am I not wearing a better dress today. What if he changed his mind again. I can not let it all ruin. But no choice, will I be able to recognize him, his hair, might be different, and i know he'll be wearing one of his 100 t-shirts , with his fav blue denim , we spent hours selecting, and then how on seeing the price tag, I asked him to put it away and go for a cheaper one, I still remember the look he gave me, I still remember, the eyes, deep brown with a tinge of gold, very different, and rare. The mark on his chin, which he's been sporting since third standard, fighting for a girl with his friends, his chain with his initials embossed. We'll be ordering his fav Iced eskimo, even though hav been asked to stay away from ice, i dont care.
Is he the one , The shoulders are the same size, its his fav colour too, That's how he bends forward on the table, Its gotta be him. "Hi, I am glad you are here, I thought you wont, but u are still as punctual, And the pink how can I forget, that's the only colour you have ever wanted to be seen in." Moist eyes I was controlling, he has to be the one for me, noone else, he's the only one who knows me so well. " You know Its been sometime, but I realized I cannot forget you, the way you have been there always, whenever I needed a support, firm in you , I could find, And the innocence with which you hav always won this heart. Its tough to forget , you have jsut become a part." Whoever said your love comes back to you was... " I thought over it, and then I decided to meet you, to ask you once to let me be free. Stop worrying bout me. I have found my girl, and she's perfect for me. She's the only one who's ever understood me.." Holding these tears right where they were, I posed the best smile of my entire life, this is the day I kept it safe for. I told him how happy I was, and I left. No touch has ever been felt, Nights spent praying for those hands, in those arms when I slept, His finger on my back, and his scent is so hard to melt, I have been washing this frame now for hours awake. Warm breath in this ear, I can not shut them off, it comes back again n again, his long fingers entangled into mine all through the night, just a wet pillow left, with a wooden heart.
On that desk I missed me forever after then.


Anonymous said...

viyogi hoga pehla kavi..
aah se upja hoga gaan..
nikal kar nayno se chupchaap
bahi hogi kavita anjaan...

damn man!!!!!!

Gemini said...


Wat exactly does it mean?