Saturday, November 28, 2009

is it actually changing!

life's changing.. as in ya a little change of place may not be the reason for that, but sure a little change of faith maybe. falling in love or out of it, might be simpler for me, than settling in a place n moving out of it, it takes time. for some days now, am walking on the road of an unknown city, not looking sideways, just in front straight. in search of the destination am walking to, but nuthing much or rather nuthing much interesting has caught my eye yet. with a new person to share my room with, n listening to her midnite whispery chat with her guy, or friend. my idea of owning a business one day is sheepishly moving out into the sand, ready to hide away, 'white tiger' is one book have read, though not impressive at all, it did teach me, what not to have in my book, soon gonna see the light of the day, though I dint know until I wrote this sentence, but now dat I have, am sure sumthing's on its way. hav got my nxt posting details too, so am away from delhi for next 6 months for sure.. n after dat also whereever they take, hav got wheels on my feet it seems, no wonder its gona b tough to catch on with me, was this that i've always wanted, am i unknowingly, n supposedely unwillingly availing what I hav been wanting, just moving on, not staying at a palce for long, leaving the place longing for more, more of me. tonight am not gonna dream, hav a lot of them still, dat need to be realized, i hav to work on them. this one's just an insight into the blogger's thoughts, though its one place even the blogger's waiting for its turn to get in, as usual i had thought of sumthing else, ended up with sumthin entirely different, now clueless, this is how i mess things up, untangling, or trying to my so very messed up life. Am otherwise a clear headed person or so I think, I think its just one long string am so hung on, and all I have to do is open my palm.
Your Week Ahead: 'Even if you've got poor eyesight, you can still help to guide a blind person.' You may not have all the answers you now need, but you have enough. The trouble is, recent events have shaken your confidence. You can remember mistakes that got made, problems that got stirred up and worries that kept on getting worse. So you don't feel like taking charge of any situation. You'd rather let someone else have that responsibility while you just go along with whatever seems easiest. But like it or not, you're the person best qualified to make a decision now... and your choices are likely to work out best for everyone.


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

tension nai lene ka boss... everything will fall into place. Ur'e a fighter, and i know u'll beat the odds! :)

Gemini said...

am a fighter I know.. I always ended up fighting with you... ;)

n am the oddest of them all..