Sunday, January 25, 2009

...bad guy!!

it was always fun to see someone fall
or make others cry,
i enjoyed life , when others were cursing it,
somehow nobody ever liked me.
they say, if not on my face
m the bad guy
coz I dont make others laugh
I give them pain
when its happiness they want

I realize, i cud not see them not to
why do they need me to cheer them up
when i remain happy all by myself.

a river flowed by my town
i sat there for hours with no friends around
wat lies deep within
is what i always doubt
is there a guy like me, a bad guy
in the place underneath
maybe I'll one day find.

I heard a scream n I woke by
there was water inside my home
My mom was screaming
n my little sis drowning in,
My mother looked up to me
to hold her hand, to save my sis
I dint move
I got up and I ran outside
just to see a town deep into this river of mine,
it was just chaos abound
Peaople stared , said
I am still the same old guy
nothing can change me
not even a flood hit cry,
I smiled to tell them nce again
but I wonder how they cannot see it by then
its them, nobody else can ever make them cry

I knew I found the other bad guy..

for once..

for once,
I dont want to be strong person
strong, when I really wanna cry
when I hear your voice
a voice inside asks me to just slip by
into your arms.
n dream the nite together alongside
your hands in mine
your whispers into my ears
u tell me..

but how can I ever hear
coz m the one
strong to push u away,

for once I wanna be the weak gal,
who tells you.
come hold me .
n take me wherever,
dont ask me again
where do u get the strength u display,
I am weak..
n thats my strength,
nothing else nothing more.

I am weak..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

it was..

give me a thread if u care to..
its not you.
its the me between
me and you..

if u care to uncut,
remember it was not me,
the thread that held
was always you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One nite stand .. and a little more

I left my place for the one I have been following for days..
I was scared of what lies ahead.
Is there a welcoming hand
or just a indifferent stare,
I knew whatever It was sumthing,
sumthing .. I was looking for.
None before has ever done it.
N My friends warned me too..
But I had to go..
And it was my nite…
I went down just as always..
There besides the big waves ..
I was walking down alone..
When I saw someone..
I thought maybe I should ask,
But a thousand questions came running,
I knew it was not right,
Still I went over and spoke,
I am new here could u just let me know,
If this is what shines from aboard,
A silence that was there, suddenly broke,
And a giggle came out,
“ How would I know?
Am as new as you are, n I was always here,
You came down,”
I smiled,
This was the beginning, I just knew.
Have never met sumone like that before, All smiles,
I wondered what it meant,
I asked, do you come here often,
A stare I could never forget..
“Well I wish I could, I like the waves”, came the answer.
Same here.. we have a lot in common.
Well can we be friends?
Did it came a little sooner,
I don’t make friends so easily,
What was it that was different this time.
Maybe the fact that both of us were new there and indifferent.
It took a long second.. I don’t know how long
But came a straight no.
Was I expecting it,, well no..
Then I stood still..
And a hand came calling.
I could not understand why, when a blunt no just preceded.
I followed.
We walked that night.
It was long when dawn was bout to break.
I said. I’ll take your leave now.
M sure gonna drop by tomorrow.
Hope to see you then
A sweet smile was sumthing unexpected.
A smile that said I am a good company.
I looked into those eyes and said.
We sure gonna be friends
Just give me one more night alongside
And I left.
Slowly the view got blurred.
But I know it was a difficult return.
Today is the night ,
I am definitely gonna break that ice.
Maybe a little shy.
But then m also a difficult guy
We’ll be the best of friends tonight
And I reached the beach side..
I waited for long but noone in sight
I dared to ask the waves that were there last nite,
Aaahh can you tell me where is my friend ?
And the waves laughed.
After my disappointment was visible on my face,
Maybe they decided to answer,
Ohh dear Moon!
"I watch you every night from here up there
Looking down with amaze and scare,
Why don’t you make me your friend
I’ll be here forever."
I was sad but polite enough to answer
Of course why not,
But for now can you guide me to my new found friend,
A giggle broke again.. This time I dint find it amusing.
"Well ur friend wont be there tonight or ever
They were the footsteps left behind..
And I washed them away after you left last night..."
What does that suppose to mean,
I was not getting nething
You washed them away..
" You know why ur friendship was refused..
Because the footsteps were there only for one night and it knew.."
A tear dropped out of my eye..
I walked the night with the best friend I could ever have..
all that stare said to me was,
if you leave tonite... we're never gonna meet again
and I dint get it that time..
and I still dont know what that smile meant..
I wish I could..

now I know..Earth is where, all dread coming to..
Coz it gives you the best...
The moment you realize you have lost it for the rest.