Wednesday, September 2, 2009

another incomplete draft.. am sorry.. kindly skip!

my dear youth of india,

am not one of those whom you'd notice walking on the road , or in that suffocating metro, or that blueline where every eye can measure your parts and infact give you a free accupuncture massage.
there's just a bit of you in me n a smaller part of me in you, coz we call ourselves the gen zee. we are the ones who'd fight with that old man, coz he belongs to a generation who understands us not. your girl, might be the hottest of the lot, but your friends' is still the one to die for.


too weak !

a long day it was,
an year long..
its just today i opened my eyes,
n the doc. said,
its just a week she's got,
what my Dad heard wasnt clear though,
he stopped talking to me instantly,
why I ask.. no replies ..
maybe he thought am already gone,
i was supposed to react,
but then I had other plans,
my last day was different than how it came,
i saw it yesterday,
n day before,.. or since the day I was born..
but then do u call it luck , a week I got..
one whole week..

he'd called me up to meet once,
i left home early that day ,
telling mom , its an exam..
n there he stood , months passed
i saw him through.. same as was..
steps we were taking towards the other,
like ages we were crossing,
n when he held his arms,
I wasnt happy,i broke..
I told him am not here,
am still there at that point where i lied..
n why i asked do i ever need to lie..
its you.. only you i cum to meet so far...

m sure i got bored and now i dont think i can complete it.. i make no sense as usual