Saturday, January 30, 2010

together.. we will

Being inspired by a recently visited blog, I thought of changing my style a bit. Taking into account the fact that there aren't much followers of this blog, I can take the liberties to do whatever I want, without seeing any eyebrows raised.

First and foremost, for those who do n those who forgot, Its the martyr's day we breathe today, Mr. Gandhi expired or attained martyrdom today, not calculating how many years back. And as expected the newspapers are full of his sayings or supposed sayings , for at least I dont know if he said what they wrote. Hoping that his spirit, still finds time to sing his fav prose, and also that he likes the India he got freed more than six decades ago. For this is the best I can hope for. n Ya to tell him, that the country misses him a lot, the newspapers giving the proof.

N importantly, I'd like to mention "Save the tiger". The big advertisement in the TOI asks us to do whatever, to get the message across. For if the tiger himself gets to read this blog, he's gonna go kill itself. Our national animal, is that what we used to get in our GK papers, without fail, needs these kind of public requests to save him, the one who was the king, is at the mercy of the kingmakers. 1411 is the number they record , dropping down from 40000, from the last century.What I fail to understand is if I ask my best friend to save the tiger, how's it gonna help, am sure my friend's not the one out in the greens, looking for the tiger skin, n killing him therein. Well if it helps, we'd rather spread this message across to millions, while the national parks and reserves fail to save them, we living in our MNC cubicles would make the difference, its not the poor govt. to blame but us, the one's who still choose to growl at the policies and the makers, paying tribute to the royal majesty. Save the king or we'd loose out on our hopes to ever end the jungle rule.

King Khan on the other hand is busy these days apologizing for the mishandling of a particular nation's sportspersons at the recent bidding for IPL. For if anyone has seen the bidding, I wonder what exactly is a poor state , boards saying "Md. Kaif sold!" or noone putting up their boards with your selling price quotes.

India is becoming a centre for child prostitution, and would it be surprise to see a column that said, our children growing up to be adults, skipping , their adolescence. Now if you'd ask to spread the message across, what for, aren't we the ones paying to get into bed with the girl aged ten or twelve. Rightfully, there's no plea, the human rights people aren't bothered to display. It was just a small column , giving stats and numbers. Get into those dark lanes , and teach them to teach their girls, without their father's names, with just one door open. We rather choose to raise our hands and just give our head a little shake, poor girls we'd claim, what more can we say. We sympathize, or now not even that. Afterall We have to progress, busy writing columns to not make Marathi the language of the cab drivers. I am busy.

Parents forget to draw the lines, being liberal and hard. First you'll see the rallies fighting for sex education to be taught in schools, n then they'll say children fantasizing their dates. Responsible citizens we wanna breed , and not let them breathe, changing rules and the lessons too, we tell them its bold and adult too, grow old, with clear views, but stay innocent as if u never knew. how do you tell a boy aged ten , to change the channel when a nice bollywood number plays, and how then do you separate what is right to be seen and what's not. A famous on screen pair seen hand in hand or sting operations showing them in wraps. Reason with a girl for not wearing short skirts, or when you buy those sunglasses for her, you keep it dark or just open a window.

Sania Mirza called off her engagement to her guy, and the whole country mourns for barely a second and thereafter the story writing contest takes off. The channel with the most believable or the most unbelievable reason would win the race. How the country's media molds itself to what the countrymen want to see, is magical, we see what we want to see. So they show us, the news with the best juices to fit our tastes. We get the media we deserve, we build the media we desire, Journalism is what I wanted to do, I no longer do, I wouldn't have survived.

And the CRR hike is not to be feared, Mam Kochhar tells us. So you can sleep well tonight and not touch your investments, atleast till she sends the signal red, or a famous financial analyst displays signs of concern.

We still rock as Indians!


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