Sunday, January 3, 2010

third day...

Okk! its the third day of the new year, n wen I started it with a distinct glow, even though in a place of lot of unknown faces I was happy, I sent out a lot of smses called a few special ones, n decided to continue the same way. I didnt actually make any resolutions, coz frankly I forgot, I had a bus to catch at 5:00 in the morn from Del to Pat n I slept of, at 2:30 in the morn to get up at 3:30. I had no regrets. I wanted to be happy, n enjoy. n To think of it, I can stay happy, coz not much is required to keep me joyous. But I do lose that charm (;) in a rather alien places, am not too comfortable. u kno like out of my comfort zone. Coming to the point, one call made me talk to sumone i hadnt been in contact for more than one n half years, another one, I heard the children playing in the background, with an aquantaince's voice disrupted by the waves of the dark sea in chaupati. A call that required lot of guts on my part, was the one I dreaded most, It had been long overdue n then the first day of the year was the day to face it all. Another one, a friend who's trying to settle down in a new place, n struggling a bit keeping up with the new way. My evening walk companion was one person I did get a little casual with, remembering those days of walk n talk. Last but not least the first night of the year ended with an almost exhausted me callin my twin soul, to finally tell him the day's chores , n very sleepily slipping of when he bugged, "Are you okay?" I was tired but I know what was being raised, an eyebrow for the me, That was so cleverly put away. But u know it never works so easy with these twin mates you get far from, but they still gauge their way to your eyes n your voice trails. I tried but unable to help a disappointment flashed again, a confusion am staying away from came running, n there I sipped again a cup of hot thoughts n wished him a good nite wave for the rest three hundred n sixty four days. I didnt go back home yesterday, n I stayed, went roaming round this place, n in the nite panic stricken on the earphones missing n unable to hear the songs till I go sleep. Morning spent wondering the same, n the whole day with a moon turned down on this face, hav still not found my earphones, n my songs I lost. I am trying to keep up with the happy me, am just unable coz the small things I need are so big I realize today.
I wish I had gone home n rather spent the sunday watching Ben n his aliens play. :(

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