Sunday, January 3, 2010

the wind I owe....(my window..)

Now n then I keep looking from a window to the outside world, a world that scares, am not the one taking the stage am the one hiding behind the big blue curtain, but the horizon is the place I owe a visit to. That's my calling, beyond the road, the tree, the bird flying, I see me standing. Why do I look outside the window every night, to find stars in the sky dark, or to see a moon smile from afar, or another soul looking in my direction from the parallel path. Hair flowing on this face I wake up one morn to see a morning ray, a yellow white sun shying away, white curtains in a a soft silky cloth hang by the window side, making waves with the breeze on roll. The windchime I had so carefully chosen from among thousands shortlisted in about hundred shops, hangs n whistles its own tune, n the mirrors in it reflect a ray on my face tooo. I blink and let it pass, My bird, mine coz its been visiting me ever since I talked to it once here on this window, wen together we sing our hearts out. I have not got many pictures to my kitty, but I have one 3-d pic with the three of us, sitting proudly on the windowside. Its a moment we shared wen we dint care, we were the ones they stared n then they say that we dared. Its my moment with the two of my most memorable mates, n its the smile we share. A small disfugured cup with words embossed, "world's greatest sis" finds a neat place in one corner. I have a blue dolphin or a couple of those with me, set across from far off places to reach me rite on time. Each one of these talking to me, with their own story hiding in me. But then dont we live life n not stories.
I always dreamt of a window where I stand, n look beyond anything that I can sense, I look for my perfect window.

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