Sunday, February 28, 2010

purrfect finale!!

Morning dew dint knew,
when it flew , to the boulevard new
my feet turned to you,
just in wake of bidding adieu.

pie charts u dread being a part of,
n its sumthing i never before heard of,
but I appreciate the concern
shown on your part
being there was your shot
you dint want to be lost
in the stream of those colors
coming of from, the centre that
you thought would never hold on
your hand fell short of
n you woke up sweating all night long.

u never knew dearest, who I was
I am who you never sought,
when in bright day light
you looked for that enemy cart
You just went along
with your heart in your arm
n hiding away from me your soul's chart
A bountiful would I not claim
but the pie that you never tasted
is me all along
you were there holding it on
when you said
let me go,
off I set you to your own bars.

Why were you trembling when there,
trying to locate your place, a vertical acclaim
when you bore the roots I was born from
I never saw into your eyes, the solemn of you being me
you left when you reached the core,
you were always let away , to being your own
oh you fear, the dark in there,
the pie's not my way,
I am just the only way you knew
you left the me you drew
n falling deep in your dreams, I caught me
n brought her back
so that whenever you need her next
you get the canvas , the colors, the paint
a figure'd stay and there you go
get her , getting on yet again.
surpassing the eternal cliche of me n you
I found the part in me where I'd keep you safe
even form you, come looking for it
the bars free, from the keyhole
you'd see, hiding behind the door
we play our games, you win , I lose
Me chasing you, like you never knew
You feel like you could run and hold me in your arms again,
but then the door's shut forever now
n the keys you lost in the pie of late
you were just a little late
now never to think,
of course! meant to be,
the color in me, that'd forever stay
not just the chart in a mathematical way!
a pie of my heart now would never be same again.
it left me, abused me, hating me
never to return, following your trail,
to the unknown.
you were right to say,
the bars work better than the pies
I've always loved.


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

naice... M.Sc. Maths ka asar poetry pe bhi ho hi gaya finally :P

btw... last time i checked i saw a few posts that i dont see now... i didnt read em coz didnt have the time then, but thought I'll catch up now... unfortunately couldnt find them at all... why did u shoot them down?

Gemini said...

i havnt done nething! nopes...

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

ya u havent done anything... i hacked into ur account n deleted the posts :P

btw i just noticed... last post? how many last posts have u written till date waise? :P
any particular reason behind quitting once again? (i kno u'd blatantly ignore this question... still taking a chance) :P